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Tendenza Wedding | Amy + Chris

Amy and Chris military inspired wedding was gorgeous!  We started out with a reveal and photos in Old City Philadelphia and then off to Saint Augustines Catholic Church which is so beautiful!  We have been there a few times this season already.

The reception was held at Tendenza another venue offering of the Cescaphe Events Group.   It was a gorgeous night!


Tendenza Wedding1000Tendenza Wedding1001Tendenza Wedding1002Tendenza Wedding1003Tendenza Wedding1004Tendenza Wedding1005Tendenza Wedding1006Tendenza Wedding1007Tendenza Wedding1008Tendenza Wedding1009Tendenza Wedding1010Tendenza Wedding1011Tendenza Wedding1012Tendenza Wedding1013Tendenza Wedding1014Tendenza Wedding1015Tendenza Wedding1016Tendenza Wedding1017Tendenza Wedding1018Tendenza Wedding1019Tendenza Wedding1020Tendenza Wedding1021Tendenza Wedding1022Tendenza Wedding1023Tendenza Wedding1024Tendenza Wedding1025Tendenza Wedding1026Tendenza Wedding1027Tendenza Wedding1028Tendenza Wedding1029Tendenza Wedding1030Tendenza Wedding1031Tendenza Wedding1032Tendenza Wedding1033Tendenza Wedding1034Tendenza Wedding1035Tendenza Wedding1036Tendenza Wedding1037Tendenza Wedding1038Tendenza Wedding1039Tendenza Wedding1040Tendenza Wedding1041Tendenza Wedding1042Tendenza Wedding1043Tendenza Wedding1044Tendenza Wedding1045Tendenza Wedding1046Tendenza Wedding1047Tendenza Wedding1048Tendenza Wedding1049Tendenza Wedding1050Tendenza Wedding1051Tendenza Wedding1053Tendenza Wedding1054Tendenza Wedding1055Tendenza Wedding1056Tendenza Wedding1057Tendenza Wedding1058Tendenza Wedding1059Tendenza Wedding1060Tendenza Wedding1061Tendenza Wedding1062Tendenza Wedding1063Tendenza Wedding1064Tendenza Wedding1065Tendenza Wedding1066Tendenza Wedding1067Tendenza Wedding1068Tendenza Wedding1069Tendenza Wedding1070Tendenza Wedding1071Tendenza Wedding1072Tendenza Wedding1073Tendenza Wedding1074Tendenza Wedding1075Tendenza Wedding1076Tendenza Wedding1077Tendenza Wedding1078Tendenza Wedding1079Tendenza Wedding1080Tendenza Wedding1081Tendenza Wedding1082Tendenza Wedding1083Tendenza Wedding1084Tendenza Wedding1085Tendenza Wedding1086Tendenza Wedding1087Tendenza Wedding1088Tendenza Wedding1089Tendenza Wedding1090Tendenza Wedding1091Tendenza Wedding1092Tendenza Wedding1093Tendenza Wedding1094Tendenza Wedding1095Tendenza Wedding1096Tendenza Wedding1097

Vie on Broad | Cara + Tony

Cara and Tony win the award for the cuties groomsmen ever, those puppies stole the show for sure!  This was our first time to the lovely Vie on Broad another one of  Cescaphe Events Group amazing venues.

We started our day with a first look and some photos on a stunning rooftop deck, then off for photos at the Art Museum.  We then headed to Vie for a beautiful outdoor ceremony in their garden.  Presided over by The Wedding Paster Andy Mahaney.  He is amazing and I high recommend him to anyone getting married outside of a church.

The room looked stunning decorated by Beautiful Blooms Events and the dance floor was packed all night with DJ Chris spinning from Synergetic Sounds and Lighting.

This was an amazing event and an even more amazing COUPLE!


Vie on broad wedding1000Vie on broad wedding1001Vie on broad wedding1002Vie on broad wedding1003Vie on broad wedding1004Vie on broad wedding1005Vie on broad wedding1006Vie on broad wedding1007Vie on broad wedding1008Vie on broad wedding1009Vie on broad wedding1010Vie on broad wedding1011Vie on broad wedding1012Vie on broad wedding1013Vie on broad wedding1014Vie on broad wedding1015Vie on broad wedding1016Vie on broad wedding1017Vie on broad wedding1018Vie on broad wedding1019Vie on broad wedding1020Vie on broad wedding1021Vie on broad wedding1022Vie on broad wedding1023Vie on broad wedding1024Vie on broad wedding1025Vie on broad wedding1026Vie on broad wedding1027Vie on broad wedding1028Vie on broad wedding1029Vie on broad wedding1030Vie on broad wedding1031Vie on broad wedding1032Vie on broad wedding1033Vie on broad wedding1034Vie on broad wedding1035Vie on broad wedding1036Vie on broad wedding1037Vie on broad wedding1038Vie on broad wedding1039Vie on broad wedding1040Vie on broad wedding1041Vie on broad wedding1042Vie on broad wedding1043Vie on broad wedding1044Vie on broad wedding1045Vie on broad wedding1046Vie on broad wedding1047Vie on broad wedding1048Vie on broad wedding1049Vie on broad wedding1050Vie on broad wedding1051Vie on broad wedding1052Vie on broad wedding1053Vie on broad wedding1054Vie on broad wedding1055Vie on broad wedding1056Vie on broad wedding1057Vie on broad wedding1058Vie on broad wedding1059Vie on broad wedding1060Vie on broad wedding1061Vie on broad wedding1062Vie on broad wedding1063Vie on broad wedding1064Vie on broad wedding1065Vie on broad wedding1066Vie on broad wedding1067Vie on broad wedding1068Vie on broad wedding1069Vie on broad wedding1070Vie on broad wedding1071Vie on broad wedding1072Vie on broad wedding1073Vie on broad wedding1074Vie on broad wedding1075Vie on broad wedding1076Vie on broad wedding1077Vie on broad wedding1078Vie on broad wedding1079Vie on broad wedding1080Vie on broad wedding1081Vie on broad wedding1082Vie on broad wedding1083Vie on broad wedding1084Vie on broad wedding1085Vie on broad wedding1086Vie on broad wedding1087Vie on broad wedding1088Vie on broad wedding1089Vie on broad wedding1090Vie on broad wedding1091Vie on broad wedding1092Vie on broad wedding1093Vie on broad wedding1094

Laurita Winery Wedding | Jamie + Joey

We were busy the last weekend in May for sure!  Jamie and Joey had a stunning wedding with vineyard at Laurita Winery as the backdrop.  Grapevines as far as the eye can see, and beautiful light.

My Associate Photographer Joe knocked this one out of the park!  Absolutely stunning images!  Special thanks to Conroy Catering for always being great to work with as well as LOVESICK who is just simply AMAZING!

Laurita Winery Wedding1001Laurita Winery Wedding1002Laurita Winery Wedding1003Laurita Winery Wedding1004Laurita Winery Wedding1005Laurita Winery Wedding1006Laurita Winery Wedding1007Laurita Winery Wedding1008Laurita Winery Wedding1009Laurita Winery Wedding1010Laurita Winery Wedding1011Laurita Winery Wedding1012Laurita Winery Wedding1013Laurita Winery Wedding1014Laurita Winery Wedding1015Laurita Winery Wedding1016Laurita Winery Wedding1017Laurita Winery Wedding1018Laurita Winery Wedding1019Laurita Winery Wedding1020Laurita Winery Wedding1021Laurita Winery Wedding1022Laurita Winery Wedding1023Laurita Winery Wedding1024Laurita Winery Wedding1025Laurita Winery Wedding1026Laurita Winery Wedding1027Laurita Winery Wedding1028Laurita Winery Wedding1029Laurita Winery Wedding1030Laurita Winery Wedding1031Laurita Winery Wedding1032Laurita Winery Wedding1033Laurita Winery Wedding1034Laurita Winery Wedding1035Laurita Winery Wedding1036Laurita Winery Wedding1037Laurita Winery Wedding1038Laurita Winery Wedding1039Laurita Winery Wedding1040Laurita Winery Wedding1041Laurita Winery Wedding1042Laurita Winery Wedding1043Laurita Winery Wedding1044Laurita Winery Wedding1045Laurita Winery Wedding1046Laurita Winery Wedding1047Laurita Winery Wedding1048Laurita Winery Wedding1049Laurita Winery Wedding1050Laurita Winery Wedding1051Laurita Winery Wedding1052Laurita Winery Wedding1053Laurita Winery Wedding1054Laurita Winery Wedding1055Laurita Winery Wedding1056Laurita Winery Wedding1057Laurita Winery Wedding1058Laurita Winery Wedding1059Laurita Winery Wedding1060Laurita Winery Wedding1061Laurita Winery Wedding1062Laurita Winery Wedding1063Laurita Winery Wedding1064Laurita Winery Wedding1065Laurita Winery Wedding1066Laurita Winery Wedding1067Laurita Winery Wedding1068Laurita Winery Wedding1069Laurita Winery Wedding1070Laurita Winery Wedding1071Laurita Winery Wedding1072Laurita Winery Wedding1073Laurita Winery Wedding1074Laurita Winery Wedding1075Laurita Winery Wedding1076Laurita Winery Wedding1077Laurita Winery Wedding1078Laurita Winery Wedding1079Laurita Winery Wedding1080Laurita Winery Wedding1081Laurita Winery Wedding1082Laurita Winery Wedding1083Laurita Winery Wedding1084Laurita Winery Wedding1085Laurita Winery Wedding1086Laurita Winery Wedding1087Laurita Winery Wedding1088Laurita Winery Wedding1089Laurita Winery Wedding1090Laurita Winery Wedding1091Laurita Winery Wedding1092Laurita Winery Wedding1093Laurita Winery Wedding1094Laurita Winery Wedding1095Laurita Winery Wedding1096Laurita Winery Wedding1097Laurita Winery Wedding1098Laurita Winery Wedding1099

Springfield Country Club Wedding | Mary, Christian + Baby Thomas

Mary and Christian’s wedding was deeply rooted in family and love!  Starting with including their beautiful son Thomas.  I loved the fact that Christian’s father was his best man and Mary’s grandmother was her Matriarch of Honor, just so sweet!   We started with the preparation and family photos at Mary’s parents house then headed to Rosetree Park for a nice session with the bride and groom.  Mary wins the award for the MOST courageous bride EVER for scaling a huge tree to create the most amazing images I have done in years!  Ceremony and Reception both held a Springfield Country Club, and both were amazing!

Springfield Country Club Wedding1000Springfield Country Club Wedding1001Springfield Country Club Wedding1002Springfield Country Club Wedding1003Springfield Country Club Wedding1004Springfield Country Club Wedding1005Springfield Country Club Wedding1006Springfield Country Club Wedding1007Springfield Country Club Wedding1008Springfield Country Club Wedding1009Springfield Country Club Wedding1010Springfield Country Club Wedding1011Springfield Country Club Wedding1012Springfield Country Club Wedding1013Springfield Country Club Wedding1014Springfield Country Club Wedding1015Springfield Country Club Wedding1016Springfield Country Club Wedding1017Springfield Country Club Wedding1018Springfield Country Club Wedding1019Springfield Country Club Wedding1020Springfield Country Club Wedding1021Springfield Country Club Wedding1022Springfield Country Club Wedding1023Springfield Country Club Wedding1024Springfield Country Club Wedding1025Springfield Country Club Wedding1026Springfield Country Club Wedding1027Springfield Country Club Wedding1028Springfield Country Club Wedding1029Springfield Country Club Wedding1030Springfield Country Club Wedding1031Springfield Country Club Wedding1032Springfield Country Club Wedding1033Springfield Country Club Wedding1034Springfield Country Club Wedding1035Springfield Country Club Wedding1036Springfield Country Club Wedding1037Springfield Country Club Wedding1038Springfield Country Club Wedding1039Springfield Country Club Wedding1040Springfield Country Club Wedding1041Springfield Country Club Wedding1042Springfield Country Club Wedding1043Springfield Country Club Wedding1044Springfield Country Club Wedding1045Springfield Country Club Wedding1046Springfield Country Club Wedding1047Springfield Country Club Wedding1048Springfield Country Club Wedding1049Springfield Country Club Wedding1050Springfield Country Club Wedding1051Springfield Country Club Wedding1052Springfield Country Club Wedding1053Springfield Country Club Wedding1054Springfield Country Club Wedding1055Springfield Country Club Wedding1056Springfield Country Club Wedding1057Springfield Country Club Wedding1058Springfield Country Club Wedding1059Springfield Country Club Wedding1060Springfield Country Club Wedding1061Springfield Country Club Wedding1062Springfield Country Club Wedding1063Springfield Country Club Wedding1064Springfield Country Club Wedding1065Springfield Country Club Wedding1066Springfield Country Club Wedding1069Springfield Country Club Wedding1070Springfield Country Club Wedding1071Springfield Country Club Wedding1072Springfield Country Club Wedding1073Springfield Country Club Wedding1074Springfield Country Club Wedding1075Springfield Country Club Wedding1076Springfield Country Club Wedding1077Springfield Country Club Wedding1078Springfield Country Club Wedding1079Springfield Country Club Wedding1080Springfield Country Club Wedding1081Springfield Country Club Wedding1082Springfield Country Club Wedding1083Springfield Country Club Wedding1084Springfield Country Club Wedding1085Springfield Country Club Wedding1086Springfield Country Club Wedding1087Springfield Country Club Wedding1088Springfield Country Club Wedding1089Springfield Country Club Wedding1090Springfield Country Club Wedding1091Springfield Country Club Wedding1092Springfield Country Club Wedding1093Springfield Country Club Wedding1094Springfield Country Club Wedding1095Springfield Country Club Wedding1096Springfield Country Club Wedding1097Springfield Country Club Wedding1098Springfield Country Club Wedding1099Springfield Country Club Wedding1100Springfield Country Club Wedding1101Springfield Country Club Wedding1102Springfield Country Club Wedding1103

Brantwyn Estate Wedding | Charlie and Tony

A former du Pont family residence, Brantwyn Estate is a marvel of Georgian elegance in the wooded countryside of the Brandywine Valley. The magnificence is accentuated by exquisitely manicured gardens, offering a breathtaking backdrop in every season.  Charlie and Tony had an amazingly beautiful day.  We used these amazing gardens for all of their images!  

Special thanks to Synergetic Sounds and Lighting, Flowers by Yukie,  and Allure Films for being amazing partners to work with.   Enjoy!

Brantwyn Wedding1000Brantwyn Wedding1001Brantwyn Wedding1002Brantwyn Wedding1003Brantwyn Wedding1004Brantwyn Wedding1005Brantwyn Wedding1007Brantwyn Wedding1008Brantwyn Wedding1009Brantwyn Wedding1010Brantwyn Wedding1011Brantwyn Wedding1012Brantwyn Wedding1013Brantwyn Wedding1014Brantwyn Wedding1015Brantwyn Wedding1016Brantwyn Wedding1017Brantwyn Wedding1018Brantwyn Wedding1019Brantwyn Wedding1020Brantwyn Wedding1021Brantwyn Wedding1022Brantwyn Wedding1023Brantwyn Wedding1024Brantwyn Wedding1025Brantwyn Wedding1026Brantwyn Wedding1027Brantwyn Wedding1028Brantwyn Wedding1029Brantwyn Wedding1030Brantwyn Wedding1031Brantwyn Wedding1032Brantwyn Wedding1033Brantwyn Wedding1034Brantwyn Wedding1035Brantwyn Wedding1036Brantwyn Wedding1037Brantwyn Wedding1038Brantwyn Wedding1039Brantwyn Wedding1040Brantwyn Wedding1041Brantwyn Wedding1042Brantwyn Wedding1043Brantwyn Wedding1044Brantwyn Wedding1045Brantwyn Wedding1046Brantwyn Wedding1047Brantwyn Wedding1048Brantwyn Wedding1049Brantwyn Wedding1050Brantwyn Wedding1051Brantwyn Wedding1052Brantwyn Wedding1053Brantwyn Wedding1054Brantwyn Wedding1055Brantwyn Wedding1056Brantwyn Wedding1057Brantwyn Wedding1058Brantwyn Wedding1059Brantwyn Wedding1060Brantwyn Wedding1061Brantwyn Wedding1062Brantwyn Wedding1063Brantwyn Wedding1064Brantwyn Wedding1065Brantwyn Wedding1066Brantwyn Wedding1067Brantwyn Wedding1068Brantwyn Wedding1069Brantwyn Wedding1070Brantwyn Wedding1071Brantwyn Wedding1072Brantwyn Wedding1073Brantwyn Wedding1074Brantwyn Wedding1075Brantwyn Wedding1076Brantwyn Wedding1077Brantwyn Wedding1078Brantwyn Wedding1079Brantwyn Wedding1080Brantwyn Wedding1081Brantwyn Wedding1082Brantwyn Wedding1083Brantwyn Wedding1084Brantwyn Wedding1085Brantwyn Wedding1086Brantwyn Wedding1087Brantwyn Wedding1088Brantwyn Wedding1089Brantwyn Wedding1090Brantwyn Wedding1091Brantwyn Wedding1092Brantwyn Wedding1093Brantwyn Wedding1094Brantwyn Wedding1095Brantwyn Wedding1096Brantwyn Wedding1097Brantwyn Wedding1098Brantwyn Wedding1099Brantwyn Wedding1100Brantwyn Wedding1101Brantwyn Wedding1102Brantwyn Wedding1103Brantwyn Wedding1104Brantwyn Wedding1105

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