I rotated into my first photography course in middle school when I was 14 years old. I loved it so much; I was completely enamored by developing film, and using an enlarger. I continued to attend photography courses throughout my high school years. That’s when I met my mentor, my high school photography teacher, John Bosler. This dear man was dedicated to making me the best photographer I could be. He was, and still is like a father to me. I am so happy to report that I still have lunch with him every month, and he is still cheering me on.

My professional career as a photographer began at local newspapers when I was a high school senior. This is where I developed my photojournalistic style. Shortly after that, I started shooting weddings to raise money for college. That’s when I realized capturing people’s warmest memories was my true calling.

23 years and over 600 weddings later, I still love my job! I get to share in the best moments of people’s lives, capturing life, emotion, and love for their future generations to look back on. It is such an awesome feeling knowing my work is proudly displayed in the homes and offices of my clients and their loved ones.

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